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All of me.
I’m a mess; blood, tears and all
I’m a coward; shivers, stutters and more
I’m a child; innocent, naive and small
I’m a girl; a slut, tease and whore
I’m a victim; tiny, vulnerable and weak
I’m a bully; big, strong and mean
I’m a cutter; cold, empty and meek
I’m a burden; useless, waste and unclean
I’m an introvert; shy, quiet and impared
I’m a daughter; loved, rotten, and spoiled
I’m a writer; broken, angry, and scared
I’m a downer; sad, stupid, and soiled
I’m a thinker; rational, smart, and clear
I’m an artist; absract, crazy, and metaphorical
I’m a reader; close, silent, and near
I’m a dreamer; big, wild, and tall
I’m a loser; lame, pathetic, and horrible
I’m a toy; tamed, controlled, and used
I’m a killer; violent, aggressive, and terrible
I’m a a person; wise, unique, and abused
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Beyond Broken by DarkestShadow98 Beyond Broken :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 0 In My Time... by DarkestShadow98 In My Time... :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 0 Azami Watanabe by DarkestShadow98 Azami Watanabe :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 0 Esmeralda Sketch by DarkestShadow98 Esmeralda Sketch :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 0 Batman by DarkestShadow98 Batman :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 0 Shadow the Hedgehog by DarkestShadow98 Shadow the Hedgehog :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 2 Gir from Invader Zim by DarkestShadow98 Gir from Invader Zim :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 2 0 Spike from Ape Escape by DarkestShadow98 Spike from Ape Escape :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 4 0 Sly Cooper by DarkestShadow98 Sly Cooper :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 0 Sora from Kingdom Hearts by DarkestShadow98 Sora from Kingdom Hearts :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 0 Goku Super Saiyan by DarkestShadow98 Goku Super Saiyan :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 0
Without A Dream
Dreams, nightmares, and reality
How they work together to fool me,
I'm lost as to which is which anymore
I don't know what's false or true
I'm unsure if I should even worry about you
And then sneaks in this silent emotion
Suddenly awaking without permission
I'm scared to the bone; worried and helpless
Because there's nothing I can do to fix this mess
All I can do...but that's just it
There is absolutely nothing I can do
Simply sit here and whisper a prayer for you
Please, get better, get well and strong
Don't let the world continue so out of place and wrong
I'm sorry I'm not next to you to help you fight
But as I said, all I can do is hope you'll be alright
I'm sorry that I don't tell you enough
But your little sister loves you very much
And even at this point, I'm still unsure,
I'm not sure if I should believe this big blur
Because I refuse to believe this is the truth
I can't accept your suffering as being non-fiction
I'm waiting for when I escape this nightmare
To run into your room
:icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 0 0
Where Have You Been? by DarkestShadow98 Where Have You Been? :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 2 It's Real Life Not a Fantasy by DarkestShadow98 It's Real Life Not a Fantasy :icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 3 1
I never was the girl guys fell for
I was the one who showed up at their door
With a smile and a heart, ready to listen
I endured hearing you talk about her
I cried, fell apart, and shattered
But I was always there
I’m not the kind who dreams of fairy tales,
Was never the person to wait for prince charming
I knew those fantasizes were hopeless and harming
But how should I put this?
I wouldn't mind feeling beautiful in a silk dress
Or, under intense pressure, sharing a midnight kiss
It’s a feeling that I still don’t understand
I’m scared to say what it might be
All I know is, I wish you loved me
But with this situation at hand
My mind whispers, “You’re stupid to dream,
Happiness and reality can never be on the same team.”
Life seems like it has lasted forever
And it will end when it reaches never
I don’t want to imagine life in the future
Because no one is fond of departure
I don’t want to loose you
But the worst thing is holding on t
:icondarkestshadow98:DarkestShadow98 1 0


Untitled by im-sorry-thx-all-bye
Mature content
Untitled :iconim-sorry-thx-all-bye:im-sorry-thx-all-bye 263 20
Marshall Lee by twinfools Marshall Lee :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,655 78
Lie on a hammock and gaze,
as distant galaxies rush closer,
rotating in slow, smooth, oily haze;
In the now lit sky,
as a warm night's breeze,
holds your cheeks and lets you cry;
As the trees keep your company,
with their caring moans and loving creaks,
protecting you from all to be;
Now take a breath as the stars bid goodbyes,
and feel your eyelids and all their weight,
let the darkness be your blanket,
And close your eyes.
:icon237-indefinitetruth:237-IndefiniteTruth 4 6
when all the world is sleeping.
     i have midnight talks
with the moon
  over a steaming cup
      of chamomile tea
    & although
 he never responds
    i know 
 he always listens
      and that is all that i need
:iconastergirl:AsterGirl 26 16
Invader Zim - Mutual Insanity by Krusnik007 Invader Zim - Mutual Insanity :iconkrusnik007:Krusnik007 5,950 1,237 Invader Zim by Bryan-Lobdell Invader Zim :iconbryan-lobdell:Bryan-Lobdell 379 84 Invader Zim - Up In Flames by ak-47 Invader Zim - Up In Flames :iconak-47:ak-47 1,398 219 Invader Zim by WalkingMelonsAAA Invader Zim :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 718 283 Invader Zim: Destroyers Return by HeyCat Invader Zim: Destroyers Return :iconheycat:HeyCat 3,604 513 Tom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait by Kabudragon Tom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait :iconkabudragon:Kabudragon 2,736 375 Loki on the throne by agathexu Loki on the throne :iconagathexu:agathexu 4,910 184
Spirited Away [Jack Frost x Reader]
My breaths puff out in front of me in white clouds as I rub my hands together in an attempt to keep them warm.  My footfalls do little to break the quiet of this peaceful forest when all I step in is fresh powdery snow.  It is lovely, yes, but I am lonely, and the emptiness of a forest in winter is no comfort.  You see, the other children in my village care little for this petite [h/c] girl who always has her nose stuck in a book.  Children mock me, and adults tut-tut and mutter behind closed doors that it is foolish and inappropriate for a girl such as me to be muddying my mind with thoughts of other worlds.  
So here I walk, alone in a cold forest, wandering but not lost among countless leafless trees.  I am just contemplating returning home to my loving parents (loving, but also such outcasts that they cannot remedy my own predicament) when all of a sudden, a frightened shout rings out from the direction of the pond.  I pause to listen, cock
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 70 65
Dream or Not [Peter Pan x Dreamer!Reader] [P1]
"Come on, Peter… When are you going to come?" You say tiredly, curled up in your window perch, head resting on your arm.  "I know I'm not a child anymore, but I need this…  I've been waiting my whole life… for you to come take me to Neverland…"  Your sleepy rambling is cut off by a yawn, which leads to droopy lids closing, while you dream of flying across the dizzy atmosphere with one hand out the window, your fingers catching the breeze.  
You wake up dazed and upset; your dream wasn't reality, as to be expected but not accepted.  And why is the window closed?  You always leave it open.  It's not like your parents would close it.  Nope, they would probably be glad if someone came in the night and stole you away.  'Now only if that someone would have ginger hair and wear green tights,' you muse.  
Right then, a loud "ahem" cuts through your half irritated, half bemused thoughts.  Sta
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 149 27
Never Grow Up [Peter Pan!Actor x Reader] [P1]
I used some less frequent thingies in this one, so just so you know, [c/n] means 'cousin name' and [b/n] means 'boy name'.
You were in absolute hell.  It was huge and terrifying and so full of people that you couldn't even move.  You felt trapped and started breathing heavily as your family chose not to notice your anxiety attack taking form.  It was all you could do not to scream as you were herded onto the enormous ship.  Oh, I didn't mention?  You are going on a cruise.
Now, don't get me wrong, this was pretty cool.  Buffet breakfasts and lunches, fantsy-pantsy dinners, a huge atrium to not feel surrounded in.  But right now: Every single passenger - all 4,000 of them - were getting on the boat right now, jostling you and getting in your space.  
So… needless to say, you survived.  You got on the ship at around 1 in the afternoon, got lunch, arrived at your stateroom, and settled in along with your family.  Dinner came and went in the blink of an eye
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 43 13
Secrets Unkept [Modern!Peter Pan x Reader]
What if Peter Pan left Neverland and began to age normally?  … He did, and now he's just a 'normal' boy in high school.  Tinker Bell and the lost boys didn't come with him, so without pixie dust he can no longer fly, and he's left all alone, until…
Just another lazy night in, proving to be more difficult than planned.  You've got a stack of Disney movies and a stack of horror movies… But which do you want to watch?  You've watched all the Disney's about a million times, but they never get old, so who cares?  But… horror movies are so much fun.  Granted, you usually end up curled in a thick blanket behind the couch with every single light in the house on, but they are so much fun.  You're just getting ready to have an intense bout of Eenie Meanie Mynie Mo, when your phone starts vibrating, nearly making you jump out of your skin.  It doesn't help that it's an unknown caller, either.  You contemplate i
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 262 63


I just started on here, so go ahead and leave meh your requests! I need stuff to draw, if I haven't colored it I might consider doing so, unless it's labeled 'sketch, 'cause let's face it: a sketch is a sketch.

Feel free to gimmie anything to draw, I'm just hoping this place will gimmie some good practice so that I can, well, get better. I have some other drawings already done and I'll be sure to upload them sometime. Right now I'm just updating this place 'cause I made it soooooooo long ago but never actually used it. FAIL! Dx It'll be active from now on though. Unless I die. Crap *knocks on would* Just to be safe 'cause I DON'T WANNA DIE!!! :O

Yeah, so I if anyone plans to check out my writing, I'm pretty much doing all poetry 'cause I got super pissed off that I lost my stories. I was planning on possibly uploading them once I got finished. Sadly, my USB got lost and I don't have them anymore. I don't wanna be all upset so Imma end on a happy note.

I'm gonna try my best to draw a lot!!! And I shall put my heart and soul (SOUL EATER! Sorry i get off track easily...) into each one 'cause that's just how I am. ^-^ Sorry if ya got a problem with that, but I don't really care. Oh, and I fully accept constructive criticism!



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Don't wanna bore ya with the details ;DDD
JK ill bore ya !!
Kk, so imma keep this short n sweet(:

Complete idiot and 100% insane. Nice to meet ya ;D My family, friends, writing, drawing, anime, books, and singing are my life<3

Hit me up on facebook, instagram, fictionpress, wattpd and all that shit xD same name, 'cept for FB…


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